The Northside GOP Club is a people-powered organization, and there are many ways for you to get involved!

Becoming a Member is very simple: pay dues annually at any membership level (memberships are processed on an individual basis.) Dues-Paying Members get a vote in our endorsement and slate-making events prior to the election cycle primaries and general elections.

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A Captain (AKA Precinct Captain) is a member who takes on one responsibility for the Club. A Captain does not always have to knock on doors. They can contribute to the Club by taking on higher-level responsibilities going beyond the election cycles. They just need to contribute by taking on a responsibility. No doubt, the elections are 'all hands on deck' and are a primary responsibility, however, there are other responsibilities that happen week-to-week and day-to-day, as well.

The next level up the ladder in the organization is called a Deputy Committeeperson. Deputies are responsible for assisting their Ward Committeeperson with various projects, and working diligently to grow the membership of the Club. Deputies are heavily relied upon, especially during election season. They will also knock on some doors, make some phone calls, place some signage within the ward and recruit and supervise election volunteers, while performing other important campaign activities as necessary, to help our candidates win.

Republican Committeepersons are the top leaders charged with steering the Club and growing their ward. There are only thirteen -- one for each Ward within the Club's geography on the Northside. Currently, we have some vacancies we need to fill, to help lead the development of each ward. Our Committeepersons are normally elected in the Republican primary during the Presidential years. Otherwise, they can be appointed by the Cook County GOP Chairperson, with the nomination by the Chicago GOP Chairperson. 

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