It was a cold and rainy night on Tuesday, June 13, yet nearly 50 Northsiders made it a point to attend the Northside GOP Club Volunteer event at the Red Lion Pub on Lincoln Ave.  Our IL GOP Chairman Don Tracy was excited to see so many Chicago Northsiders make it out despite the weather, and he was happy to spend a few minutes discussing the state party and the many paths Illinois could head in the near future - some paths not so good.

As Northside GOP President Brian Kasal (43rd Ward Committeeman) and Chicago Republican Party Chair Steve Boulton (32nd Ward GOP Committeeman) passionately shared: We will continue to build a political army to take on the Progressives on the Northside, in advance of the 2024 election cycle and beyond. We will spend the Summer and Fall of 2023, going ward to ward, signing up the faithful to build our "Normal (sane) Chicagoan & Conservative coalition" led by our Northside GOP Club and Northside Republican Ward Committeemen.

We are currently recruiting and encouraging prospective candidates for 2024 for the IL House and some State Senate seats, and we are also excited to begin to use the ballot harvesting processes we learned during the 2023 municipal elections and the GOTV process we executed in November, 2022. 

The volunteering effort we are speaking to doesn't only consist of going door-to-door in campaign season; it also can be placing yard sings, poll watching (if you can't be an election judge), monitoring a community neighborhood organization, electioneering at an early voting site, helping with candidate petitions, stuffing, sealing & stamping envelopes, attending a protest or a demonstration, writing articles, filing witness slips, emailing your alderman or the Mayor's office, calling on your IL Legislative reps or US Congressional reps, or even calling the White House!

We'll be sharing a schedule for each Northside Republican Ward Organization's chat sessions soon. Please attend those which are convenient for your schedule and if you can make it....bring a friend!

Thank you for your support of The Northside GOP Club!