The Chicago Northside GOP Club is structured by Ward, with each of the elected Republican Committeeperson working with the Executive Director and Chairman to grow the club, grow the Northside GOP electorate, find and vet local candidates, increase the Republican voter turnout and develop election judges. 

The Northside GOP Club is a people-powered organization, and we would love for you to get involved.  

Currently, the Club is hosting General Members, Precinct Captains, Deputy Committeepersons and GOP Ward Committeepersons.  

    • Republican Committeepersons
      • Top leaders charged with steering the direction of the Club
      • Elected in the Republican Primary every four years
      • Responsible for the growth of the Club and for the organization and performance of their Ward during election cycles
        • General Member
          • Signs up and pays in dues annually
          • Does as little or as much as they want and comes and goes as they please
          • Gets a vote in our endorsement and slate-making events
        • Captain (Precinct Captain) 
          • A member who takes on one major responsibility for the Club
          • Pays in dues annually
          • Leads the effort to organize precincts within specific Wards on the Northside
          • Gets special Northside GOP swag and is expected to assist with fundraisers and events
          • Gets a stronger weighted vote in endorsement and slate-making events
        • Deputy Committeeperson
          • Responsible for assisting their Ward Committeeman with various projects
          • Works diligently to grow Club Membership and organize their specific Ward
          • Accompanies or fills in for the Committeeman at County and State Republican Party Meetings and Conventions
          • Are relied on - especially during election season - to knock on doors and help campaigns in various ways
          • Gets an even stronger weighted vote in endorsement and slate-making events