When July 19, 2022 at 5:30pm 3 hrs
Contact Northside GOP Office Staff [email protected] (708) 249-3769

Tuesday, July 19

Northside GOP Gathering & Petition Signing

Stop by to mingle and have a drink. We'll have appetizers and you can talk politics or whether or not Biden has really lost it or Cubs, Bears, Hawks, Bulls, Sky or even express your love for Lori Lightfoot...well, maybe not that! We'd express love for the White Sox before we'd ever stoop that low.


Lincoln Station - 2432 N Lincoln Ave

5:30pm to whenever (we'll close petitions at 7:30pm - right down the street from GOP HQ)


We are getting down to the wire on adding a lot more names on the GOP side of the November ballot and we could use your help gathering the last  25-50-100 signatures on the various ballot positions we're trying to fill.

We'll have more than 30 petitions for local and Chicago-area candidates, as well as plenty of Cook County-wide candidates who you can sign for, as well, while enjoying your cold drink on a hot Tuesday on the Northside of Chicago!

See you at Lincoln Station on Tuesday, beginning at 5:30pm

Will you come?