When June 13, 2023 at 6:30pm 2 hrs
Contact Northside GOP Office Staff [email protected] 773-791-7907

Help Us Build An Army!

We are continuing to build a political army to take on the Progressives on the Northside, in advance of the 2024 election cycle. We've had a lot of interest (more since the municipal elections!) and are always looking to true believers to build our "Normal (sane) Chicagoan & Conservative coalition" led by our Northside Club and GOP Committeemen. We also plan - in this coming cycle - to engage additional paid staff to help coordinate and fund a strong “Get Out The Vote” effort.

Now that we've had some experience with recruiting candidates, ballot harvesting and the GOTV process, we're starting to develop a bigger team to be effective and put us on the road to "take back" some political territory that was sacrificed in the last 10-15 years.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Tuesday evening, June 13 between 6:30 & 8:30pm for our Spring 2023 Northside GOP Club Kickoff at the Red Lion, 2446 N Lincoln (across the street from the GOP HQ), We are inviting Republican voters from all 12 Northside GOP  Wards and our special guest will be State Party Chairman Don Tracy! 

Following the Spring Northside GOP Kickoff on Tuesday, we will be scheduling smaller gatherings in every ward through the Summer and early Fall to capture volunteers in every ward. We plan to do this (modeled after the Roaming Cocktail Party concept) until we reach our goal and have a well-recruited and well-trained team of GOP volunteers across the 12 wards that make up the Northside.

We'll see you at the Red Lion on Tuesday, figure out which Northside Ward you're in and if you're registered to vote in that Ward, and be ready to let us know you're ready to make a difference and volunteer when we get going!


Will you come?