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Interviews with stakeholders are one-to-one conversations about a specific topic or issue. The primary purpose of these interviews is to obtain relevant information and elicit stakeholder reactions and suggestions. Stakeholders are likely to have knowledge, wisdom, and insight that can help an organization in its decision process. Stakeholder interviews provide a broad overview of the interviewees’ opinions about a specific topic that may reveal hidden concerns or ideas that would not be expressed in response to a set number of specific questions. 

Remember, the interview should be steered in a more conversational direction. We're NOT expecting you to sit and write their observations as they're offering you their thoughts, but to have a sincere conversation over lunch, a coffee, a beer, or - at worst - the phone, recording their answers AFTER the conversation has concluded. Let them know you'll be sharing their thoughts - not necessarily their identities - as useful information to help us shape the Northside GOP Club.

It’s perfectly fine to go off-script and let the interview ebb and flow naturally, depending on the person being interviewed. Do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions, even for answers that appear obvious.

As you can see from the attached form, we're looking for their impressions regarding the strengths, weaknesses, impressions, necessary improvements and key personnel.

This exercise will have a huge impact on the development of our vision and mission within the community.